A Will To Meaning

It is our destiny as human beings to pose the question of our own meaning, and through this the meaning of all things. I believe this is the will behind evolution itself: this will to evolution is referential to a will beyond ourselves, and this “beyond ourselves”  is an arena we have barley begun to set foot in. To get there reason must be used to transcend itself.

A Personal Statment

Not just my mind but my whole being turns around this one point: That since the invention of reason we have been living in an artificial world we could control, and that this world, just at this point in our history, has become uninhabitable, and this is why we all fear, collectively, that we are losing our minds. But we are, in fact, simply creating the future.



Descent into Avernus

“Anyone who would make the descent into the lower regions runs the risk of succumbing to what the primitives call ‘the perils of the soul’- the unknown Titans that lie within, below the surface of ourselves.”

William Barrett Irrational Man 

Eternity Within

Eternity is the motivated energy behind all movement.

The concept of eternity existing outside of space and time seems to be a false one, one that led to the failure of reason itself: if reason truly existed outside of space and time, as Plato wanted, reason would have been able to account for being. Its failure to do so seems to suggest that eternity exists within space and time, as the motivated energy behind all movement.

The Nightmare of Reason

“It was our ordinary human existence- concrete, personal… that [Kierkegaard] saw reason on the point of ingesting into itself.” William Barrett Irrational Man

A nightmarish idea. A nightmare the positivistic  West has still not woken up from…




Reason is Dead

Physics, specifically quantum mechanics, believes that it has discovered that nature is absurd, that “she” is inconsistent with the laws of logic and mathematics. What it has forgotten, and what the whole of the Western world has been trying to ignore for the last two and a half thousand years, is that mathematics and logic were inconsistent with organic reality from their very beginning. 1 is only equal to 1, and A only equal to A, if they exist outside of time. In fact, 1 and A only exist at all as theoretical “eternal forms,” a sort of myth invented by the ancient Greeks. So we will never have a Theory Of Everything, or for that matter a mathematical theory of anything that describes anything as it actually is. The great myth of the Western world is moribund. The world that we invented, the world we thought we could control, is in its final twilight. The question is, how will we emerge, as lunatics or as superhumans, once we have accepted that reason is dead?