Eugene Minkowski

From Eugene Minkowski’s Lived Time. This wonderfully expresses the joy and agony of the need to create, especially the need to create the future.

“To surpass, to surpass what has been done: what desire that incites! The call is so violent that it becomes agonizing. We have the feeling sometimes of losing our foothold entirely, of surpassing the present moment too much, of running the risk of saying things which, have nothing to do with the present, remain misunderstood, although they could explain what future generations will someday recognize as true: yet don’t they become lost in nothingness because our contemporaries do not fall into step with them? As a matter of fact, it is a vain fear, for the personal effort springing from the depths of our being cannot create discontinuity in life, nor can it come to be broken against any discontinuity.”


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